Kitchen of Mine

Wanna know what things are like right now?

I'm in the weeds.
I’m in the weeds.

If there’s one thing I like – no, I love – about restaurants, it’s watching the line work.  Each person with their own station, intently focused, to create the best the team can do.  I’ve likened the kitchen (and restaurants as a whole) to pirate ships, among other metaphors and analogies, where all share in the glories, losses, and otherwise scalawag-esque doings, comings, and goings involved in the food service industry.

But right now, I’m in the weeds, a familiar term to those behind in their work.  There comes a surreal moment in the realization of work, both the moment you’re deep in the weeds and in the moment you’re in the clear.  What happens between?  Dali must have worked at the line of a restaurant as the clocks melt in the desert heat and all thought evaporates, other than getting through the faraway tasks in front of you.

And such is life right now: selling and marketing myself, my experiences, my thoughts and visions and inclinations. I can’t see the forest for the weeds.

And what it comes down to: I need a team in this little kitchen of mine.

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