Move, Moving, Moved.

I’ve moved.  I’ve also celebrated the holidays in high (and low) style, but really it’s the move I’m most bubbly about for 2010.

I’m still in Dallas, no worries, dear reader.  But now I grace the 20th floor of a downtown loft apartment, overlooking southwest Dallas, all the way down the horizon.  Brilliant sunshine all day, most especially between the hours of 3-6pm, a huge office with my monstrous desk and all my books around me – even thinking about it brings a small tear to my eye, one of joyful gratitude.  It’s shared with my lover, and for the first time, I feel stable and content.  I’ve also promised him at least one book in the coming year, something of a challenge and a thrill.

2010 will bring lots of changes, all of which I’m excited for.  Stay tuned for my resolutions (which I usually keep, except for the running one – I always say I’ll run at least 5 miles/week, something that I keep with, oh, about two or three weeks at a time) as well as updates on my current writing projects.

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