And After a Long Intermission

I know. I’m sorry, really I am.

I shoulda called.

I shoulda written.

I shoulda let you know what I’ve been up to.

I’ve just been behind. Colossally behind schedule with just about everything.

Today is no different, though I’m trying my damnest to catch up. Kinda.

I’m in New York this weekend to let it all hang out before I head into the abyss. Mid-May to early August will be a huge void on the calendar as I struggle and fight to wrap up as many projects as I can – except for the writing. Those won’t be touched and will fester until they get my undivided attention.

Is it necessary? Yes, yes it is.

Is it desirable? No, no it’s not.


It’s only a couple of months, right? And just think of what happens when my attentions aren’t spread so thin among ten different projects – but can focus on one or two!

…I know. You’ll miss me. And I’ll miss you too. And I’ll be sure to call and provide quick updates and it’ll be like old times soon. Promise.

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