This site is for innovators.  The people with big ideas who work toward them, however fast or slow.  It’s not for those who are just tinkerers or idealists.  There are a bunch other sites out there for you — this isn’t one of them.  It’s not for those stuck in an echo chamber of so-called experts and pundits.  There’s no limit to the talentless hacks out there that you can go and follow elsewhere.  No, this site is for the people who are sick and tired of hearing, seeing, and doing the same thing for no good reason.  People who expect better and work to create something better, inspired by the din of everyday life.

The topics will vary.  The opinions will change.  The projects will grow, evolve, launch, wither.  But the fact will remain the same: we are innovators in a world hungry for ‘the next thing’ — however big or small.

About Anne Hollander

Photo of Anne Hollanderhow to describe Anne?

she of multidisciplinary talents, including business strategist, digital marketing maven, analytics guru, mad scientist, educational innovator and (gasp!) attorney.

she who is as comfortable in the board room as the court room as the soccer field.

she of many nicknames, including Pippi, Peanut, and Apple.

she’s a headstrong marvel & avid coffee drinker – and as an innovator, she sets clients on the road to long-term business success.

personality tagcloud: coffee, soccer, piano, live music, chocolate chip cookies, writing, road trips, dive bars + diners, fireworks, pirates, biochemistry, curiosity, problem-solving, sunshine, limeade, the beatles, t-shirts + jeans, apples, staying up late, whiteboards

Idea Philosophy

some call this the mission statement.

others call this the manifesto.

but here it is:

I want to create your future exactly how you want it — even if you don’t know yet how it looks, feels, acts, or belongs.

it’s said the best ideas come from the depths of necessity.  we, as individuals, communities, citizens, humans, are deep in the chasm of necessity for new, radical, revolutionary ideas to change the ways things have been done.  we can all illuminate the evils of the world, whether it be fear, doubt, or uncertainty. we’ve created byzantine systems and processes beyond the scope of necessity, instead feeding the coffers of comfort and greed.  we’ve half-heartedly justified our actions with the words ‘it’s always been done this way’ – prematurely giving up on our dreams to make the world a better place.  we’ve listened hopelessly to the tired reasoning of ‘it doesn’t make business sense’ because our dreams weren’t applicable to a conglomerate audience.  we’ve abandoned our neighbors and community for a distorted and inflammatory talking heads for a world where expertise no longer exists.

our future relies on those who are outcasts.

our future relies on those who refuse to bow down to the pressure of no.

our future relies on those who refuse to conform to “good enough.”

and it’s a future not for tinkerers or idealists — it’s not enough to want something done.

it’s only enough to do it yourself. in a collective of others working toward a similar goal across disparate entities, boundaries and borders.

it’s time to lead the charge into a more prosperous future.