I create the future that you don't know you need. My goal: to ensure your business isn't disrupted by digital innovation and radical new models.


Capability Highlights

Business Development & Strategic Planning

From new business upstarts to stable enterprises, business development and strategic planning is essential to any organization. Understanding what the future looks like and solidifying financial investment, building the team, developing key partners, launching products and services, identifying customer segments, crafting value propositions, and understanding your business model is critical to creating and sustaining growth for your organization. 


Digital Transformation & Innovation

The scale of an organization is no longer enough to stay safe in the speed of the digital environment. Efficiency is giving way to effectiveness, driving industries, markets, and companies to face the challenge of digital transformation and innovation faster than ever before. Are you ready?


Disruptive Technologies & Models

How might disruptive technologies affect your existing business model? Do you have a disruptive product that creates a whole new model or market? Do you have a plan to harness the power of disruption in your business - or attempting to protect against disruption? Disruption is coming and addressing the market without a plan, no matter what side you’re on, is short-sighted. Choose your path wisely.


Anne Hollander brings more than a fifteen years of experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial roles to her work as a Strategy and Business Development leader. Her background — which bridges science, technology, law, marketing, product development, and market strategy — allows her to bring a scientist’s acumen for insights to the synthesis of digital innovation & transformation.

Anne’s technical knowledge and appetite for revolutionary ideas have leads her to articulate transformative digital business strategies that unite organizational growth goals and initiatives with exceptional talent for guiding cross-functional teams through business strategy planning, market positioning, innovative solution development, and new product launches.

Anne holds a J.D. from the Texas A&M School of Law after completing coursework at the Case Western University School of Law and a B.A. in Biochemistry and Ethics from Smith College. She divides her time between Austin and Dallas, where she is active in community affairs.


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Available for consulting engagements to full-time employment in the areas of innovation-driven business development, strategic planning, and market launches for B2B and B2C technology.

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