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  • It’s Friday.

    Not that it makes a difference in my world, the day of the week.  It’s something I find both extraordinary and expected. And it’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times, this working for yourself.  I’m the one who sets the rules, the expectations, the hours, the results. But from the outside-in, the […]

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  • panic cycle

    No. 642

    This is post number six hundred forty-two here at And it’s been a longer than anticipated absence since post number six hundred forty-one. Sorry about that. — I haven’t written in more than a year.  And while it could be convenient to say much has happened – nothing has. For that I take full […]

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  • Marketing - Anne Hollander

    Lessons in Multitasking

    Busy, busy, busy winter. 2013 is off to a fabulous start – I’ve transitioned into a consulting role with a super-neat startup in the Boston area to work on pushing the company to scale with an influx of multi-sided users.  It’s been a whirlwind and with quick, significant progress  – I’ve finally found the women’s […]

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  • Not Ready for This

    You Aren’t Ready for Social Marketing.

    I’ll repeat it again: you’re not ready for social marketing.  Your brand isn’t ready, your company isn’t ready, your organization isn’t ready.  You. Are. NOT. Ready. Ignore all the headlines and perceptions.  Disregard the doomsday gurus who tell you everything will collapse without a Facebook Page and a twitter feed and a Pinterest presence and […]

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  • Invocation for Beginnings

    I’ll be honest: I’m coming back.  Restarting with a new idea, an enhanced vision, and the same goal I’ve always had: to go out and do something great. And it thrills, excites, and scares me sleepless. Seems it does for many restarts though, including the all-wonderful Ze Frank: Welcome back. Feeling pretty good about this […]

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